Foxi APK Download

Foxi APK Download

Here is the latest version of Foxi APK available for download. You will download Foxi APK and enjoy your favorite movies for free.

Foxi is the best app for all movie and TV show lovers because you can use it all for free without paying for a paid subscription.

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What is Foxi APK?

Foxi app is a free movie app. Using this app, you can watch free movies. Also, it is completely free to use for watching movies. If you are a movie lover, then you will download the Foxi app from this website and watch free movies.

Also, it is the best app for all movie lover every movies lovers use this app for watching free movies.

Why Do You Choose Foxi APK?

Because it is a completely free app, this will save you money and provide you with free movies and web series. You can watch free movies using this app and this will come with amazing features that provide a next-level user experience.

Note that Foxi is a completely free app. You don’t need to pay for or spend your money on watching movies.

Foxi Mod APK Download

If you are looking for the Foxi Mod APK Download article, then you will read our article. This will guide you on how to download the Foxi mod app and how to use it on your Android device for free. Also, it is available for the pc but you need to use an emulator to run this app.

To download Foxi apk you will click on the download button and download the app and click on the file to install this app on your device when it is complete then you will use it for free movies and web series.

Foxi Mod APK is an upgraded version of the Foxi app. That will provide you with next-level features. There is an amazing feature there are no ads in the foxi mod app.

In the Foxi Modded version ads are banned you can use it without ads and these are ads free to watch movies.

Foxi APK Download for PC

If you are a pc user and you want to watch free movies using foxi app, then you will follow our simple guide on the Foxi app pc download. This will guide you to how you can use foxi app on your PC/Laptop and it is also very useful for all desktop users.

The first thing is you need to download an Android emulator for your PC, such as a blue stock, etc. Then you will install the emulator on your pc and open the emulator. Then open Chrome browser in the emulator and search for foxi apk cc then click on the first website and download foxi apk and install this on your emulator then you will start using foxi on your pc.

What are the Features of Foxi APK

Foxi App has the following amazing features:-

Foxi APK Movies Download
Foxi APK Movies Download
Download option :
In the foxi app have a download option to download movies and save to your phone and you can watch downloded movie offline in in future.

Language select :
Foxi app has a language select option. Using this option, you can change your language. There are so many languages available. You can choose your language and watch movies and TV shows in your language.

Lags free App :
Foxi is an optimized app for Android devices and designed with a special design for Android. That’s why the Foxi app runs smoothly on Android devices without any lag or bugs.

Categorization :
In the Foxi app, there are so many category options, like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, South movies, Marathi, movies, movies, Tamil movies, Panjabi movies, Gujarat movies, and many more movies and web series categories available in Foxi app.

Easy to use :
Foxi app gives you a simple and user-friendly user interface. This makes Foxi an easy-to-use app for free movies.

No Ads :
In the Foxi app mod version, you can see ads are not showing. This is completely ad-free. This will make you safe from ads because ads disturb you while watching movies, but in the modded version, ads are not available. Because of this, you will enjoy your movies in a better way.

Just added :
Foxi App Just Added is an amazing feature because it will provide you with newly added movies in this option. Also, it is a very useful option for those who are looking for new movies.

Foxi APK Just Added
Foxi APK Just Added

How to download and install Foxi App

If you want to download the foxi app, then it is not available on Google Play Store. That’s why we need to install this app using the website

  • Step 1. Download Foxi APK on your device.
  • Step 2. Tap on the APK file.
  • Step 3. Press the install button.
  • Step 4. Click on the ok button.
  • Step 5. Wait for the installation completed.
  • Step 6. When the installation is complete you will open the app and start using it for free.

Foxi APK Download Link

Foxi APK Download Link
App Name Foxi
Version 4.1
Price $00.00
Last Updated June 2023
Required OS Android 7.0 and up
Rating 4.4 Rated
Size 29.8 MB

FAQs About Foxi APK

Is the Foxi APK safe?

Foxi is a most popular app it used by movies lovers and also it is a safe app for use but you need to install this app from trusted sources only then you are safe with foxi app.

Is the foxi app ads free?

There are some ads available in foxi app. Also, you can easily remove these ads by using an ad blocker, but also a modded version is available. They are free for users.

Does foxi provide free movie?

Yes, Foxi app provide you free movies to watch without any cost.

Why Foxi App Not Working?

Because there are some issues in the old version but we have updated here new version of the Foxi app and also this is working properly

Is Foxi App Available for PC?

Foxi app is specially designed for android devices, but you can use it on PC using an android emulator on your PC.

What is Foxi apk New Update Release Date?

Foxi APK new update release date is around july 2023. We will update here when new update is available for foxi.


Foxi App is the best way to watch free movies and TV shows. If you have no money to buy paid movies, then Foxi is good for you because this will provide you with all the new movies for free and also, there are all web series available for free.

My name is Ravi. I have been using Foxi from 2021 to 2023. During this period, I watched all the movies for free using the Foxi app. If you want to watch free movies, then you will download the Foxi app and start watching free movies.

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